Superalert / superchoicedialog options quirk

If superalert's options parameters are set to {height=130 width=150}, for example, the alert window opens at the set height but the full width of the screen. If the positions of the height and width settings are reversed inside the brackets, the window opens at full screen height but to the width set.

Adding a space after the final number and the close bracket {height=130 width=150 }, works as expected.

This means that some examples in the superalert help page, for example
superalert message,{height=-36 width=500}, will not work as expected.

I cannot duplicate the symptoms you are describing. It works correctly in my tests.

I did some tests on my Big Sur Mac. I am not having issues with the width or height settings of the superalert, but I can not get the image / icon option to work.

In the documentation of the image / icon option of the superalert statement, there is a reference to Panorama’s “Flash Art Gallery”, that IMHO does not exist in Panorama X. I think this part of the documentation needs some clarification.

Turns out the culprit seems to be setting default options in .Initialize,

Letfileglobal SuperAlertDefaultOptions = {font="#SystemBoldFont" size=13 maximizablewindow=no bgcolor="E6E6E6"}

If this is eliminated, the superalert window sizes work as expected.

I’m still in Mojave.

Thanks for tracking that down. That’s a bug, and it looks like it’s been a bug back to whenever this statement was first created, probably Panorama 5.

For now you can workaround by adding a space at the beginning of the variable, for example:

letfileglobal SuperAlertDefaultOptions = { font="#SystemBoldFont" ...

This will be fixed in the next update.