Superalert message cut off

When setting larger height= options in superalert, the text message can be cut off partly or completely.

For example,

superalert ||Replace “This is the age of aquarius”||+¶+|| with ||+¶+||“This is the age of precarious”?||+¶+¶+|| Or enter them both?||,{font="#SystemBoldFont" size=13 textalign=center height=200 width=400 bgcolor=“E6E6E6” buttons=“Replace:100;Enter both:100”}

I haven’t checked this but I suspect that you got exactly what you asked for David. If you specify a height, you’ll get that height, regardless of the height of the content.

At the risk of being obvious, if you just make the height of the superalert a bit greater, the problem is solved….

Hmm, I wonder. The superalert help listing says that these dimensions apply to “the alert”, which is used elsewhere in the help listing to describe the alert window rather than the alert text. As you can see the window is plenty big enough to contain the text without truncation. This doesn’t seem to me like something Jim would do intentionally.

The length of text in this superalert depends on previous user entry, so I have to make the alert big enough to allow for long entires, longer ones than shown – but you are right, I could just make it even bigger to allow for the unusable space I have reported.

Using superalert a lot, I have struck this problem several times in the past, and hoped that another user had posted or would post about it. But finally, this time I checked and couldn’t find any reference to it.

In reporting this type of cosmetic flaw (ie, not entirely trivial) I make the assumption that Jim would rather know about it. It’s then up to him.

Have just discovered that the culprit here is the textalign=center option. Remove that and there is no text truncation as long as the text ends before the top of the buttons. (I do like this textalign=center option and use it quite a bit.)