Superalert: imageedge and imagealign options

I must be missing something here, but I can’t get the imageedge and imagealign options to work with superalert.

If I read the documentation correctly, this command:

superalert "Hello",{width=1024 height=256 image="~/Desktop/Image.jpeg" imageedge=left}

should place the image at the top left of the window and flow the text to the right of it, and

superalert "Hello",{width=1024 height=256 image="~/Desktop/Image.jpeg" imagealign=topright}

should place the image at the top right of the window, with the text aligned to the left of the window as usual (and presumably not flowing round the image).

I think I have tried all possible options for both imageedge and imagealign, but the result is always the image in the top left corner, overlaid by the text, as if imageedge=none.

I wondered initially whether this might occur when the image is too large for the window, but for this example I am using a 128×128-pixel image, a much larger window and very little text.

The alternative would be to use a web browser object and a 2-column HTML table for the image and text, but superalert would be much easier for a temporary alert.

(Panorama X 10.2.0.b33; MacOS 13.3.1; M1 Max)

You are correct, this is a known issue.

The alternative would be to use a web browser object

I think a much simpler alternative would be to create your own form, lay it out any way you want, and use the rundialog statement to display it as an alert (which is what the superalert statement does). Then you have full control over the appearance of the alert.