Summarizing a subset

Is it possible to select records and then summarize just that selection? When I try it, I get a summarization of all records.

The entire database is grouped, but only the visible records are included by commands like total or average. This is true for both Pan 6 and Pan X.

I admit that I had not done this in Panorama 6, but what I am trying to do is, starting with a file of transfers and deposits and debits, add up the transfers which are deposits, the transfers which are debits, and the deposits and the debits, and to have them done by year. I suspect that this will be a laborious process.

I think you may need an additional field to identify the type of transaction. It could have values like “Deposit”, “Debit”, “Deposit Transfer”, and “Debit Transfer”.

First you would group by year, then by type. Deposit Transfers, and Debit Transfers would then be totaled in separate level one summaries.

I have two fields, one which identifies Deposits and Debits, and another which identifies Transfers, Checks, and Deposits. So I guess I have to combine them into another field.