Subset Formula Syntax Error

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I get the following error alert
Formula Syntax Error

I have no subset indication of any kind to my knowledge. Attached are pngs of the 2 relationship windows. Quitting and restarting doesn’t help.

Subset Options 1

Subset Options 2

When does this error occur?

I think you might need to send me these databases for further investigation. If you do that, be sure to give me complete step-by-step instructions as to how you got to this point.

I’m not sure if this is the email address to send this; I just hit reply. Let’s see what happens.

(Attachment Send to is missing)

Normally that’s not the way to send me an attachment. But I was able to fish it out of the hidden spot on the server, so it worked. Even better, I’ve figured out the problem. There is a bug, but you can easily work around it for now. If you open the relation panel and click on the blueprint button (in the upper left), you’ll see that there is an empty subset specification.

Napkin 8 02-12-21, 2.55.21 PM

The bug is that Panorama should just ignore an empty formula, but it doesn’t, it treats it as an error. I’ll work on that.

But how did the empty subset get there? Turns out, if you ever clicked on the subset area, it will create this empty formula.

Of course this should be no problem, and I’m going to fix it so the empty formula is ignored. But for now, you need to go into the blueprint (click the briefcase icon) and delete this empty formula. Just open the blueprint, delete the line "SUBSET","", then press Update Relation. Then be careful not to click on the subset formula again. Or, you could put a valid formula in there, like true().

Thank you so much, and of course, it surfaced after I started playing around with the subset dialog without revisiting the video. I have another one for you, but that will be another topic.