Subscription Payment

Curious question, is there any way to know what day exactly my subscription plan will expire? I’d like to purchase the 60 month plan - but… I’ve been told that at our university it would be best to wait until after the start of the new FY - September 1, 2016. I see that I have less than one month remaining. Thanks

Open the Site License window.
Click on the History tab.
Click on the Usage tab.

The first column in the usage shows the date of your monthly statements, so you can easily see what day of the month your account rolls over. Dusty, in your case your account rolls over on the 7th, so you shouldn’t have a problem waiting until after Sep 1.

My Site License window only has an Overview tab. Am I missing something?

If you are logged on as administrator, you should see six tabs, like this.

Thanks Jim, perfect… I’ll 60 mth renew after 9/1 (before the 7th).

I am signed on as admin, but only the Overview tab shows.

Oops, I am logged on as Developer. I tried logging on and off, but I am not seeing the option for Administrator from the Role dropdown.