Subfolder for printtopdf

I use the procedure below to printtopdf and preview in the same folder as my database - thank you Jim for the tip. Is it possible to printtopdf in a subfolder of the database folder and also openanything (preview) from that same subfolder. I’m sure it is, just couldn’t figure out the path.

OpenForm "DispLogForm3"
printtopdf “DispLogForm3.pdf”,“orientation”,"landscape"
openanything “DispLogForm3.pdf”

You can use dbsubfolder( to help you with the path

printtopdf dbsubfolder("Your Subfolder")+"/DispLogfForm3.pdf","orientation","lanscape" openanything dbsubfolder("Your Subfolder")+"/DispLogfForm3.pdf"


Thank you Dave, this works!!! I was close in my attempts… left out the “/” in front of my file name.