Strange text shadowing

I am getting some strange shadowing on a form. It seems to come and go almost randomly. I am not sure how to send an image.

Or try this link: Screen shot of text shadowing

Is this a calendar, and did you use the constructor to make it? It looks a lot like this earlier post.

If so, closing and reopening the form should clear it up. This has been reported as issues 238 and 300.

I actually discussed this exact issue with Apple engineers at WWDC two weeks ago. They were able to give me some insight into how to track this issue down, and I’ve made some progress (but it is not fixed yet).

To answer Dave’s question, this is not a Calendar, but it is a TextEditorObject assigned to a Date field. The object lies within a TabPanelObject. I CANNOT clear shadowing with a NoShow, ShowFields, EndNoShow, but I can clear it by selecting another tab in the TabPanel, and then going back to the tab containing the troublesome object. Thanks Jim. Hopefully this will add some insight into the problem. Again, the problem seems quite random. I had the problem last night. I went in and out of edit mode on the form, and now I cannot get the problem to come back.