Strange dialog window

since 2 days I am getting a strange dialog window popping up after Pano X is open and in use for a few minutes:
Something to the effect ( it is not open now): Panorama can not send my monthly statement, I should revise my internet connection.
I am connected all right in fact I have logged into this forum to write this topic.
What is the problem?
(Recently, after having unresolved problems with Thunderbird email program I did a reinstallation (NOT a clean installation) of High Sierra)

I think you might need to tell us the exact wording of the message, or a screen shot. Monthly statements are sent from our server, so there is no message that I know of that you are describing.

I think there might be a mail delivery problem. isza, I would suggest you check if the email address that you used for your Pan X account is entered correctly and is working.

Panorama wouldn’t have any way of knowing whether the email address is working or not, so that’s not the problem.