Strange behavior printing a list

Hello friends. I am having a interesting problem that I cannot figure out. I am printing our a report that should be 6 pages long and containing 183 records. There are 35 records per page. Everything is fine printing the first 5 pages. The fifth page ends with record 175. Page six with the records 176 to 183 do not print. If I create a PDF and print it will print all 6 pages as it should. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Try reversing the order of the records and see if the problem is identical. It may be something in that record 176.

Thanks for the suggestion Robert. I tried reversing the order and still the same thing. Interesting thing, When it goes through the printing it says printing 1-6, but page six will not print,

Of course you have a kludgey answer to your question, but it would be nice to get this working correctly. I don’t have tested knowledge of this, but I sometimes suspect that a record is landing just wrong on that next to last page. You could try adding a footer tile, even empty. Maybe tweak the size of the data tile to see if it makes a difference. If there is an expandable text item, is it expanding on the last item printed, or the next to be printed? Your results with the reverse order suggest that’s not the problem, but that could also be something to try. This also suggests that a small change in the margins could help.
Good luck. Panorama printing can be beautiful when it’s working, and it usually does.

Thanks for the suggestions. Strange thing, I was thinking I will delete the printer through System Preferences and reinstalled it. That solved the problem with strange behavior.