Storing data e.g pictures (JPG) or PDF files in Panorama X

I’m in the process of converting data from Filemaker to Panorama and have a very elementary question: Is it possible to store jpg or PDF files inside a Panorama database? Something similar to the ‘container field’ in Filemaker. Is that what the Panorama X Binary field type is for? Do you have to do anything special in the field setup to store these types of data?

You can’t actually store the images themselves in Panorama. Images are very large, and since they don’t contain any information you can search or sort, there’s no point in using up all that memory. Instead, you just keep either the filename of the image, or the path and filename, and then use the Image Display object to display images on a form based on that information. If you search for Image Display in the help you’ll find several pages but this is where you want to start:

Thanks Jim. That should get me going.