Still missing .keydown

In Pan 6, I can press a key in a view as list form that will be captured by .keydown. It then jumps to the first record in the form that begins with that letter. I am trying to duplicate this ability in Pan X.

I have a Matrix with a search field, however, typing in the search field doesn’t do anything. If I select the search field and try to use _liveSearch with the data tab, all the data in the matrix disappears. I have this ability in lots of text lists, but this matrix is a different animal. It is constructed on a matrix frame with text display objects, graphic objects and an invisible button or two. I’m probably missing something obvious here, but I don’t know what it is.

Under the hood, text lists and matrix objects work EXACTLY the same as far as searching code. These two types of objects actually share a lot of code, including the search code.

I don’t know what this means. What is the search formula you are using? This page explains how to do searching in text list. It turns out that everything in this topic applies EXACTLY the same for matrix objects.

I incorrectly said the search field. If you look at the properties pane for a matrix object, there are two tabs (buttons?). One is Matrix; the other is Data. I figured it out. I had the matrix set to “formula” with a formula in the formula tab. Once I removed the formula, it worked. I replaced “exportline() contains” with “Item begins with” (Item being a field) and it works like the old View-as-List form.