Step Not Working

When trying to step through Procedure code in Pan X, the breakpoint moves to the end of the procedure instead of halting at each code line. If there is a ‘call’ statement, then the program flow will enter the subroutine. Otherwise, flow proceeds all the way to the end without stopping at each code line, as anticipated.

Is there a trick I am missing to using Step to debug a Procedure?

Here is an example code, which proceeds all the way to the last line after clicking Step once

select «Exluded» = "No" and «Categories» contains "Blah"
field AKA
field Charges
field Quantity
field «Unit_Cost»

outlinelevel 2
field Charges

An old story; check in Bitbucket. I hoped it would be fixed by now, but evidently it’s not. You can put breakpoints in your procedures to substitute for the missing functionality.

I am not seeing any active ‘Step’ item in Bitbucket for Step.

Some code that previously worked now produces Beach Ball thus needing the Force Quit and I’d like to use Step. Are there any things specifically to avoid to be able to have step work?

Further to my 4/8/18 post; I believe I remember that Jim told us that he didn’t intend to resurrect Step and suggested using the breakpoints instead. He may have more or different information. FWIW I loved Step myself and used it a lot, but…

Some of you may have missed this post I wrote in July.

In the Pan10.2 presentation it looked like your screen had a Step icon in the open procedure window…?

You’ve got a good eye for detail, you’re right, I’m didn’t happen to be using the default toolbar. But the default doesn’t include the single step tool.

I think if you upgrade from Panorama 10.1, the toolbar arrangement won’t change to the default arrangement unless you specifically open the customize dialog and select the default. But new users will see the default arrangement, without the single step tool. To avoid confusion, I just removed it from my toolbar configuration. I really do not ever use this tool.

FYI: Saturday, January 23, 2021 PanX10.2 (still in menu)