Statement parameters must be separated by commas, not spaces

Recently @martinmc sent me a database with a problem. After fixing the problem that prevented the database from opening, I took a look at some errors that were coming up in his procedures. There were a couple of errors that came up because statement parameters were separated with spaces, not commas. Panorama 6 would allow that, but Panorama X does not, so if you ever used spaces, you need to keep this in mind.

Here is one example I found:

SetWindow 23 3 300 188 "NoPalette NoHorzScroll"

In Panorama X this needs to be changed to:

SetWindow 23,3,300,188,"NoPalette NoHorzScroll"

Here is another example:

setwindowrectangle rectangle(384,205,574,650)  "NoPalette NoHorzScroll NoVertScroll"

and the fixed version:

setwindowrectangle rectangle(384,205,574,650),"NoPalette NoHorzScroll NoVertScroll"

I’m writing a post about this because I’m sure that this will occasionally come up again. Probably not very much – pretty much all the documentation and samples showed commas, not spaces, but it is a change. Panorama X doesn’t know what is going on, so the error message doesn’t really indicate what the problem is – in the second example it just said Syntax error, in the first example it complained about the wrong number of parameters. So keep this in mind when converting databases to Panorama X.