Starttimecheck only works if Panorama is opened with Terminal

I found that starttimecheck doesn’t log results to Terminal, if terminal is opened using the new instrumentation tools provided in b28 (tail shell command).

starttimecheck works as expected if I start Panorama X using

Running iMac Mojave 10.14.6

That’s correct, starttimecheck outputs to the console, but it does not write to the instrumentation log file. Writing to the console is much faster than writing to a file, so I didn’t want a time check feature to have the performance hit. But it might be nice to have the option.

Will it show up in the “Console” utility?
(I’m not seeing it there … but, I could be looking in the wrong place! :astonished: :wink:)
Or do I have to launch Panorama from Terminal to be able to see it?


If you’re not seeing it, the answer is probably no. However, I’ve never tried it. I almost never use the Console myself.

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