Square payments processing via Pan

After 20 years running my office on Panorama, I’m looking to add credit card payments as an option. Has anyone developed a way to interface Pan with the Square terminal or card reader system? I would like to send a request from Panorama (date/customer/amount/item) and return confirmation. Alternatively I could send the transaction from Square’s iPad based terminal and receive the same kind of information to post into my transaction database.

Any tips or information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Scott Corbett

I’ve implemented an interface between Panorama X and Stripe, one of the most popular credit card processing systems. I can’t release it as is as the code contains proprietary information, but at some point when I have time I will strip that out and make it available. It simply uses the url( function to access the Stripe API. The Stripe API is well documented and it wasn’t a lot of work to implement the interface using standard Panorama X features.

I just took a quick look at the Square developer documentation. It looks like they have an API that is similar to Stripe, so it should be possible to interface it to Panorama X.

However, it looks like the Square terminal/card reader system only works with iOS and Android, not macOS. There may be a way to interface it to a Mac but it didn’t jump out at me. You might want to contact Square and ask them about this.

So, if you are willing to type the credit card number into Panorama, you should be able to process it through Square (or Stripe). But I’m not sure if you can get card swipe data into Panorama.