Speed & Crashes

Hi Jim,
I know you have commented that Panorama X may not be as fast as Panorama 6, and I have read some posts about speed in beta version and future speed optimisation, however, I just want to give you the feedback (constructively) that at the moment it is intolerably slow. I’m trying to work on a database of 1600 records, which shouldn’t be that much, and I’m having to twiddle my thumbs while it sorts or totals fields.
Also, in my hands, with my not completely converted databases (and I understand this could be some of the issue), Panorama X is terribly unstable. I keep crashing - I’d estimate every 10 minutes or so on average. It makes it very hard to get anywhere with form and procedure modification. I’m working between 4 interlinking databases, with the main database having over 20 forms, and 25 procedures - so its not a completely basic setup.
I can see advantages to PanX, and wish you all the best in the ongoing development. However, I’m desperately hoping Panorama 6 hangs in there for a while, because I don’t have anything I can use yet in PanX

I have not experienced speed issues with sorting or totaling. Both of those seem quite fast to me. So I wonder why you are seeing it work slowly. Some form elements work slowly; matrices in particular, I have found slow if there is a lot of data being displayed. Regarding crashes, I know that one of my converted databases in particular had a lot of crashes. That database was the first one I ever created in Panorama in the 1990s, and I have suspected that I had some problem with the data itself. Over time I did several things, such as exporting the entire database and then importing it, and the crashes have mostly disappeared. Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for fixing a problem that was never definitively diagnosed. As I have improved the code in my databases, I have had fewer and fewer crashes, but they have not disappeared altogether. Good luck in getting yours working better and I wish had some more tangible suggestions.

That’s interesting. I had wondered if redoing the database in X would work better than the imported version, but it was going to take so much work I have hesitated to try. As that has been your experience, I might try and give it a go. Can you direct me to where there is information on the Formula vs Procedure elements of objects in Forms?

All of the help information regarding formulas and statement is contained in the Panorama X Help file, plus you can learn a lot from the videos, many of which are free. I would be glad to look at your database if you wish. I took the course in Pan X starting last fall and would be glad to help you if I can.