Sorting Up in PanX vs Pan6

This is a simple task that we have taken for granted in Pan6 … It used to be an issue with Pan6 but was resolved many years ago, now it’s back to haunt us in PanX. When you have several pages of data displayed & you wish to sort up one field PanX takes you to the top of the page, then you need to scroll down until you find the data you are searching for, Pan6 however identifies which cell is currently selected prior to sorting up, then when you hit ‘sort up’ you are directed straight to the data that you were wanting to compare. I hope this makes sense, I tried to explain as simply as I could.

This is exactly the problem I was having and hoping for a solution. I have a large database of expenses… and when I highlight a field and sort up or down on it to find a missing or adjacent check number, the selected cell goes to the top of the newly sorted database and you have to search for your original number manually. I’m sure there is a simple function to bring back the Pan 6 feature. Maybe copy the sort field first, then sort up, then paste the original sort field into a find command, but I’m not sure how to implement this.

…or just use Undo?

you can’t undo a sort on my version 10.1

If I do a Sort Up in 10.1 I can choose Undo Sort from the Edit menu and I go back to my original state. If you are doing the sort via a procedure, you can preface your code with: startdatabasechange "ALLRECORDS","Sort".

An Undo will not give the user the effect that they are seeking. The user wants to have the column sorted without any mucking of the current record selection. A reasonable request.

that must be what happens. I can undo sort when I sort Down, but not when I’m sorting Up. I think the sort Up is a procedure… but it still doesn’t give my desired effect. This problem is a bit hard to explain as voiced by the original poster. Now that I’ve seen what is happening, I may be able to write a new procedure to do all the copy-sort-find-paste I was rambling about. Thanks for your input.