Sorting - unable to sort after running procedure

I am running a simple procedure to propogate and formulafill one field and after I do so, the last statement in my procedure I select a subset of data. But I am now unable to sort any field in the Datasheet. It ignores any sorting I want to do. I have to go to the datasheet and I have to manually selectall records and reselect the subset I need and then I can do sorting…

What am I missing?


Sorting has nothing to do with data selection. Panorama will always sort the entire database, both selected and unselected records.

If your database contains summary records, the data will be sorted within the summary groups, not the entire database. Sometimes people don’t realize that they have summary records in their database, and then wonder why sorting isn’t working as expected. You didn’t mention grouping or summary records, but that is the only operation that changes the way that sorting works.