Sort in summarytable by a different order than alphabetically?

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the sort order in summarytable( normally seems to be alphabetically. When I understand it right, I can assign a special order “item by item”. But is there also a possibility to perhaps group by “Debit” and also sort by the amount of “Debit”? So that I can see the greatest expenses (or the sum of them) left in my chart - or at the top of my table, when I display a table?

Or is there any other way how I can display single items / categories of my data and display / sum / whatever I want, in the way I like? I did not find anything in the help so far…

Make sure you have checked “Allow grouping on numeric fields” in the Panorama X preferences.

And then? How do I tell Panorama to sort by that certain value?

Ok, I think, I did not describe my problem properly.
Here is the help article I am referring to:
And this article contains a part, that looks like this:

My question is, if I have the chance to sort by another criteria, for example the sum of the object, that I am grouping. I want to display a chart, containing this summarytable, with the highest bars on the left side, getting smaller to the right…

Sorry, the summarytable( function can only sort alphabetically. What you are asking for would be nice but is not possible.

Any other function, which accomplishes something like that?

Well, you can rank summary records that way, but there is no straightforward way to display a chart from that.

Ok… I see, I must tinker my own chart :grinning:

I should clarify, there is no “push button” wizard to do it, but it can be done with the chart( and arraybuild( functions. Since the data is already summarized, you would not use the summarytable( function.

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