Sort Favorites Not Working

When I try to use a Sort favorite, I only see the menu below:

Sort Dialog1

When I try to save a favorite to the same menu, I get this:

Sort Dialog2

How can it be fixed?

Thank you.

What if you try a different database? Same results?

Other databases do not seem to present the problem.

I think you can probably fix this by creating and running a procedure that contains these two lines of code.

undefine _SortFavorites
unpermanent _SortFavorites

This doesn’t solve the mystery of how it got this way, but it should reset the Sort Favorites of this database back to “factory defaults.”

It has fixed the issue.

There seem to be a lot of things in MacOS that stop working after a while, so this could be beyond the scope of Panorama. Rebooting the computer tends to fix a number of things.

For whatever it is worth, this has not been my experience but Jim’s solution easily fixed the problem.