Site License / User

I just set up two of my staff laptops with PanX. All three laptop serial numbers and owner names are listed in Site License/Computers. The problem is… two are listed as “Administrators”, but when I go to the Overview/Role Popup menu, I cannot change one of the computers to “User”. The one that I was able to change took multiple tries before the popup menu would give me the option to select User, so I thought maybe it was a timing thing between the server. It’s been several hours and multiple attempts, but I still can’t change that one computer to User… am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Dusty

When you set up the staff laptops, did you sign in using the “User” password that you set up? That should allow you to log on directly into User mode.

You should also be able to use the pop-up menu to switch to User mode, I don’t know why you are having difficulty with that. You might try logging off and then logging on using the user password.

Thanks Jim. Logging in with the users password does set the Role for both of the new laptops to “User” and in the Site License window, only the Overview section is available, no other tabs are visible. Clicking on the Role popup in Overview doesn’t do anything in either the Administrator or the User mode. Even though both of the new laptops are set to Users, they still have access to the Window Menu / Switch To Graphics Mode and can access/change design/code, which of course I don’t want the user to be able to do - like they couldn’t in Pan6Direct. How can I prevent the users from accessing Graphics Mode? Database Options perhaps? I have 32 relational databases.

If you want to restrict users from modifying the design of the database, that has to be set up separately for each database by using the Security panel of the File>Database Options dialog sheet. This isn’t really completely documented yet, but it is pretty simple and there is some documentation on the Managing Account Roles page.

In order to restrict access, you must lock the database to your account. Once that is done, you can set the entitlements that different types of users can have. In your case you’ll want to set the minimum level for Can Modify Design to either Developer or Administrator.

It’s not mandatory to also encrypt the file, but you may want to do so. Otherwise the contents of the file will be visible in file dumping tools. There’s no downside to encryption other than a slight delay when opening and saving, which I believe will be imperceptible for all but very large databases.

Perfect Jim, that works… I will use the security panel to set entitlements for all 32 databases of my program. Thanks, Dusty

PS We’re still using Pan6 while waiting for the expandable text feature in PX (which I know is on your radar), once that feature is available we’ll stop P6 and move totally to PX. To get P6 on the new laptops running OS Sierra 10.12.5, I installed PanX first, then used PX’s Preferences/Install P6 which worked fine.