Site License Help

I accidentally deleted one of my laptops from my site License, and can’t get it back on-line. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? Thanks, Dusty

What have you tried?

Basically, this just like a new computer you’ve never used with Panorama X before. You just open the Site License window and log on with your email and password. That should be all it takes.

Thanks Jim, my “password” had to be reset - then it worked. But here’s a different question, I have placed my databases on a shared drive at our university. Everything works fine on my laptop as well as one of my staff - we can open databases, input, edit, click a button and close the existing database/open another database, etc. But on the second staff laptop, when they click the button to close one database and open another - it fails and gives us this message “dbinfo (integrfields”) is not authorized. I have my laptop set as the administrator and my two staff as users. I also want to add a 3rd as we are getting ready to move away from Pan6 and use PanX.

There must be some code in your .Initialize procedure that uses dbinfo(“integerfields”). Depending on the security settings for your database, functions that access the database structure are not allowed for users that are logged in as “user”.

Nothing in my .initialize procedure as suggested. Everything works fine on two of my laptops when accessing the shared drive, but the 3rd one… when we click a programmed procedure button to close the open database and open another, we get this message “Fileload(: The file “Retention Schedule” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.” But like I said, it works fine for the other two laptops. I also downloaded the folder containing all of my databases from our shared server to the troubled laptop’s desktop and it worked fine. It just doesn’t work on the shared server. Are there settings for sharing database files on a server?