Sign the screen in Pan6

Today, it is common to “sign the screen” for receipts or acknowledgements. Is it possible to do this in Pan6? I create all kinds of lists for my classroom teaching. Many of these lists require signatures. It would be helpful if the students could sign a screen form that is attached to my Pan database record for that student or class. For example, a bus list, where I can see that the kids have signed in and now that the list is complete, we can leave. If possible, would you please help me learn this skill? Merry Christmas and Thank You!

As I’m not thinking any Macs have touch screens, what device will you be using as a touch sensitive input for your signatures?

It would probably be necessary for that device to have a USB input as well as a graphical file creation with automatic naming ability (similar to what a scanner does but instead accepting the image via a touch surface.

The integration of using Panorama with this device is kind of the last step after your device has accepted the ‘design’ or signature, created the file, and then Panorama references that file for that record.

Robert Ameeti

Rather than a signature it might be easier to use your computer’s camera to snap a picture of the person. There is a way to use Automator to create an application that takes a picture and can be triggered via Panorama. I’m no expert on Automator but there is further info on this at:

Thank you for the suggestion and replies. My hope was to involve my iPad. I have learned how to build a “submit” form that allows me to send info from a webpage email that gets automatically processed by Pan6 and returned to the web as a static webpage. My hope was to do something similar with “signatures”. I guess I need to do more study. I appreciate your help.