Shared DB message: Cannot edit, Field of Variable [sessionLock] does not exist

Two users reports receiving an alert message with the above message.
What does it mean?

Huzzah! A non-mysterious problem! I believe I have tracked down and fixed it.

Both of these users tried to edit a particular record in a database, right? I’ll bet one of them tried to edit it, ran into the problem, and asked the other to try it. If you try to edit the same record now, it will happen again (unless the database has been closed). At some point the record was locked but then the client that locked it lost the connection to the server before unlocking. So the server doesn’t know who locked the record. There is code to handle that situation, but there was a bug in that code, causing this error message. I think that is now fixed.

In the meantime, I think you can resolve this by using the forceunlock statement on this record, or forceunlockallrecords. Or closing and re-opening the database should do it.

I did not confirm the sequence of events at the time, but you are very likely correct. There was a locked record which I unlocked. Things are working again. I am glad that I now understand that message and can resolve it.

To be clear, that was not an intentional error message, that is just a variable that happened to not get defined if the code went down a particular path (a rarely used path). The code error is actually happening on the server, it reported the error back to the client, and the client pops up the alert. That’s why the same error came up on multiple clients – the error was really happening on the server end. Good to know that the system designed to report server errors on the client is actually working.

That does clarify the message and I am still glad that I can resolve the issue until the next version fixes it. Thanks.