Server Crash/Unsynchronized record

The PanX server software crashed yesterday. I received the first of several reports from users indicating a problem at 1:05 pm.

Today one user reported that she could not see a new record that another user said she added yesterday; it turns out the record was added shortly before 12:54 pm. So I found today that the record existed on one computer where it was added, but that it was not on the server. I have no clue of what caused the server to crash. I was using PanX at the time it happened, developing a new procedure, and I had a crash of PanX on my computer. Whether a client crash could be related to a server crash, I have no idea.

To fix the problem, I opened the data sheet on the computer where the unsynced record existed, then copied the record and pasted the record using the statements under the Record Menu, then did a Download Data. Those steps added the record to the server and removed the unsynced record from the client computer.

Of course, this is a situation that is highly undesirable. I wonder if there is a way to test an open database to check for records missing from the server? If so, one could run a procedure to make a check whenever there has been a server problem. I don’t want to simply do a Download data, because someone may have add data which will be lost. If one could identify the orphan records, one could do the copy/paste steps to repair the situation.

Any thoughts about this situation?

BTW, I recorded two earlier server crashes since we started the beta testing. They were on June 16th and June 25th.