Server Clean Install, cant share databases

After doing a clean install of the latest version of Panorama and PanoramaX Server I am not able to share a database. It looks like it is sharing but ends up with a “Lock” and doesn’t show up on the server computer. This happens with every database I have tried to share. When I click on the “Lock” and select “Check Server Connection” this is the message.

“The server mlsOS is available but this database is not connected at this time. The database cannot be modified until it is re-connected to the server.”

I cannot duplicate this problem – sharing a database works just fine with b30.

doing a clean install

What exactly do you mean by “clean”?

What does this mean? It doesn’t show up in the Server Admin window?

What about databases you have uploaded previously? Do they work?

Clean Install

Deleted /Users/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/ folder contents “Client and Server”
Deleted old Panorama X Application in Applications folder
Moved new Panorama X 10.2.0.b30 (4183) application to Applications folder.
Launched the new version and set up the Server Name to be the same name it was when working.
Server shows up on client computer.
All seems good until I try to share a database to the server.
“Doesn’t show up” means no files on server computer in the /Users/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Public Databases folder nor in the “Server Administration” dialog “Databases” tab.

I don’t remember this being documented as the way to do a “clean install” of the server. In fact, I don’t think there is a documented way. However, I do think this would probably work.

I’m not sure I understand what you are doing here. It sounds like you are saying that you had a perfectly working server, then decided to nuke it and start over on the same computer. Is that what you are doing? If so, I am really curious as to why? Or maybe moving to a new computer? If that is the case, you could simply have moved the contents of the Public Databases folder to the new computer.

I believe in your first step you deleted the existing Public Databases folder. Is that correct? If so, did Panorama create a new Public Databases folder for you (it should have).

Since I don’t understand your motives, I suspect that I’m not understanding everything you’ve done. Perhaps there were some extra steps you aren’t mentioning, like maybe you restored the drive from a backup or something like that. Perhaps somehow the permissions in the Application Support/PanoramaX folder are not correct? I’m really at a loss, there definitely is no problem in uploading databases using the b30 version.