Server Administration does not list db name that is open

During the opening of the sole shared db, I get the desired 'Opening connection to «ServerName». But when I then go to Server Administration, the database name does not show up while that dialog does state ‘Displaying 1 of 0 databases’ with no file name displayed.
The Sessions tab is also empty.

It says the uptime is unknown. It would appear that this client is not communicating with the server. Does it work when you use ping?

After a bit of thought, I realized that while I was happy to see the "Opening Connection to «ServerName» message, I was not getting the “Synchronized: xxx, Updated x records, deleted x record” message. Apparently the Opening Connection is just a statement of an attempt without any notice of its failure. This then caused me to look at the server and find that it had stopped. Argh.

I restarted the Server app (via the Preferences) and figured, I’d move on fine from there. Back to the client machine now. I restarted Panorama and then got the 'Synchronized…" stuff and felt better. I then went to the Server Administration dialog, but alas, viewing the Databases panel, it was still empty. I clicked around on the 3 panels until something caused the Databases and Sessions to fill !!!

I closed it up the dialog and then opened it back up again. Again no databases were showing. Argh

But then !!! An ah hah moment kicked in. On my Available Servers page, I had my Servers tab showing that I had my server both as a local server, and also added it as a remote server. Didn’t seem to be a problem as I wanted to be able to work without an internet connection when I was local, and welll as a remote server when I was out of the office.

The problem was that Panorama did not automatically choose one of the servers. Either one, but picking one, that it might be ok with. After clicking on one of the entries, the Databases & the Sessions tabs then displayed as desired.

So 2 problems existed here. One that Panorama did not default to selecting one of the listed servers, but did display its name in the Databases panel as if it was giving information relative to one of the servers when in fact it was not. It should not show a server name unless it was going to then give the status of that server in the area below.

2nd Problem is that the server is not staying up as needed. It is quitting on its own without any notification. It appears that reality is kicking in and that we will need a Server Monitoring app like we have always needed to monitor that the server is up, attempt to restart it if possible, and notify us if it is down. There are just not enough clues that it has shut down at this time. Figuring out what separate app to run to monitor this is now on my list of things to do.