Sequence is missing from the menus

Is it purposeful that Sequence is not in the menus?

Since Panorama 6, this functionality has been part of the Morph Field dialog (in Panorama 6 it was called Manipulate Data in Field).

Hmmm. In Panorama 6, Sequence was in the Math menu. (Very easy to find)

The fact that I didn’t think to look in the Morph menu item is not good. :wink:

When doing a Sequence of 1 on a field that is Grouped and not having the sequence start over with 1 in each subsequent group is even less good. :wink:

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Start with group sequence is the equivalent of the sequence command. Start with sequence is the equivalent of a formulafill with the seq() function as part of its formula.

If preferences were set for classic menus, you had a Math menu, and sequence was found there. If you went with the default preferences, there was no Math menu.

Thanks Dave.

Where do I find the Preference for ‘Classic Menus’ in Pano X? :wink: :wink: :slight_smile: