Selected Records/Visible Records

Here is a strange observation with PanX vs Pan6.

With a grouped database in Pan6 (with a total of 2090 raw records), the record counter shows:

616 visible/2581 total

Not all records are “selected” in the grouping. The same database when converted to PanX shows:

485 visible/2090 total

Some checking reveals that PanX does not count summary records as visible, which explains the difference, although the summary records are indeed “visible”.

But, in the PanX database, if you Search-Select Reverse, and then Search-Select Reverse again, you get the same result as Pan6. That is, the PanX box now shows 616 visible/2581 total. Doing select reverse twice in succession should result in a null operation, and bring you back to the original starting point. You will never know whether the visible records shown in the PanX box include or exclude summary records. That can’t be right.

By the way, doing select reverse twice in succession with Pan6 does return you to the original values - as it should,


Yes, you have discovered a cosmetic bug. It’s actually even simpler than what you’ve described, the group commands simply don’t refresh the record counter display. In other words, internally the record count is correct, but Panorama isn’t showing you the correct number. As soon as any other operation refreshes the record counter display, the correct number appears. I’ve entered a bug report:

Update: already fixed, the line of code needed to display the record count had accidentally been left out of the code :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I wish every bug fix was this easy!!