SelectAll behaviour differs between Panorama 6 and px

if in Panorama 6, if all records are selected and the active record is other than the first record, the selectall statement has the same effect as the firstrecord statement.

In Panorama X, in the same situation, the active record is unchanged. In more than a few of my Panorama 6 procedures, I have relied on the selectall statement to go to the first record because, in Panorama 6, adding a firstrecord statement would have been redundant.

It would be good if Panorama X did the same as Panorama 6 in this regard but there may be a higher imperative in play.

Jim - it doesn’t look as if you replied to this - I find that I have to make a lot of changes to Panorama 6 procedures because of this. Is it a difficult task or is something you don’t want to do?

Am I the only user who relied on this feature (?) in Panorama 6?