Select records manually from a list - suggestions please

I’m wanting to manually select records from my database to do things to. The selection is unrelated to any information in the data, so find/select is not helpful. (This is my cattle database, so I might be vaccinating calves, moving some cows between paddocks etc). I need to do this fairly frequently, so I ideally want it to be a single click solution. In Panorama 6, I had view as list forms, with a checkbox linked to a field in the database. I could just check the database, then do a search on all the checked records. In Panorama X, the TextList form doesn’t allow editing. I’ve just tried to create a View as List form, but it became twitchy when I added a checkbox - and reviewing the help information, it says I can’t use editable objects on a View as List form. The only thing I have been able to think of, is a form with a Text List on the left, and the individual selected information on the right, with the option to checkbox on the R side. This will require 2 clicks however, and so be relatively laborious when dealing with large numbers. Is there another solution? (I guess the other option is to work from the data sheet, but that is so inflexible re displaying different information in different situations, and access to buttons to perform procedures…)

When I need to do this in the data sheet I create a procedure with a command key sequence to toggle the value in the selection flag field (in this example the field is named SelectionFlag)

if «SelectionFlag» =""

A matrix object can have buttons in its scrolling list. They are a bit tricky to set up, but very gratifying. I strongly recommend the matrix object video – I’ve watched it several times.

Thanks. Will give it a go.

From time to time, having checkboxes in a view as list would be handy and I have certainly tried it myself. But if I recall, the view-as-list was not intended to have a object (like a check box) on each data line that could be active. In other words, it could be “twitchy” in Pan 6 too (even if it worked in some circumstances). You could put such controls in a header tile, but for a “manual” activation on each line, it was recommended to put a transparent button over an area you’d click, and that could trigger an dialog window to capture more info or perhaps fill a check box. It wasn’t done directly with a click in the check box itself.