Select "Contains The Word" in Classic Menu

In Panorama 6, using classic menu, how can you select within a field records that contains a word, that is not part of a larger word?

You use the Find/Select dialog and search for
YourField Contains the Word “YourWord”

I see “contains the word” in Pan X, but not Pan 6’s dialog

That’s the point, that dialog does not show in Classic Menu.

You must not search in any fields, but in a selected field …

Sorry, the option of selecting “Contains the Word” is nowhere found in Panorama 6 Classic Menu.

A good reason not to use the “Classic” menu. You change it in Panorama’s General preferences.

O.K., and here is a way to find a word with the Classic menu: You construct a search formula in the Formula Find/Select … dialog. See my attached screenshot. Notice the leading or trailing space in the search strings for the CONTAINS part of the formula.

I think we’re close, but I get an error message saying “Field or variable does not exist: Text”

You have to use the name of YOUR field, not mine.

Panorama 6 does not have the “contains the word” feature – that is exclusive to Panorama X (it uses regular expressions to do this, and Panorama 6 does not have regular expressions).

As an alternate to Kurt’s idea, here is another way to possibly do this in Panorama 6.

" "+Field+" " contains " word "

Of course you need to change Field to whatever your field name is, and word to whatever word you are searching for. However, neither this idea or Kurt’s will work reliably if the field contains carriage returns in addition to spaces. Though you could do this:

" "+onewhitespace(Field)+" " contains " word "

Or just use Panorama X! :slight_smile:

And of course the ‘trick’ of using the leading and trailing spaces will fail if the word is the last word in a sentence as the period, question mark, etc., will throw that off kilter unless you take all of that into consideration with more complexity.

Robert Ameeti

That’s pretty much impossible to do with Panorama 6. Panorama X is able to take all that into consideration by taking advantage of the power of regular expressions.

Panorama 6 is containing this option, but not in the “Classic” menus.
See the attached screenshot.

I forgot. I’m not sure how that works internally!

Aha – here’s what it does:

Select arraysearch(«Field»,|||word|||,1," ")<>0

So though Panorama 6 does have this in the menu, it does not handle periods at the ends of words, line breaks, etc.

I just double checked, and Panorama X definitely does do this with regular expressions and does handle all these edge cases.

Yes, sorry I did, but Field contains “word” finds the word when it’s part of a larger word as well and Field matches “word” does not produce any results (even though the word is there).

Both formulas produce a type mismatch error, saying a numeric argument is used when text was expected. The field is a text field.

Got it! I couldn’t get to delete the records it found. I did now. Thanks.