Select All - records blank

When I click to select all in Panorama X, at the top it says all the data records are visible, but none are visible. What happened? How do I get them to be visible again site:

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

This screenshot shows the database with 12,012 of 12,059 showing.

This screenshot shows the database with 12,059 of 12,059 showing, but it’s blank.

It doesn’t matter if I use command A or select from the Edit or Search menu.

I was only able to bring up 12,012 of 12,059 by selecting numbers and letters in different columns, but if I make selections, I would lose them and be unable to select all.

Let me know what ideas you have on why it’s happening.

Sorry, no idea. If you want to email this file to support AT, I’ll investigate further.

Hmm, one thought – is it possible that there are a bunch of blank records at the top of the database? Your screen shot doesn’t show the scroll bar – what if you scroll down?

That was it - blank records at the top of the database.

Blank records are of no use to anyone, so I wonder if Panorama could help out by putting up a dialog warning that you’ve got blank records. You could have one of those Don’t Warn Me Again checkboxes in cast this annoys the user.

Blank records can be useful - they might tell you how many empty records were in the CSV file you imported.

And, like any others, they are there because you created them. It’s not Panorama’s job to second-guess its users.

I have experienced the similar thing numerous times… I have the screenshot of it showing here.

It says here in this case there is suppose to be 11 records but they do not show up. I cannot scroll down and see anything. There are no blank records in my file.

This happens when I am sorting up a field… I usually do it not from the menu but on the field name.
I have tried to reproduce the sequence but cannot do so. I can sort a date field and then click on the category and sort up there and they might disappear.

Then right after that, when I try to select all records and start over Pan will stop working…

It is somehow related to sorting and grouping which I am doing to summarize donations I am recording…
Not sure what file I could send… Maybe once I get it in that state, send the file…?

It will happen again…

This is quite different from Mary’s example. I would say that this means that you do have at least 11 blank records in your database, at least at the time the screen shot was taken. 11 records aren’t enough for a scroll bar to show up. However, the fact that you then have a crash would seem to indicate some sort of corruption in your database. Maybe you should export all the data to text and then re-import it.