Second mac not accessing current database

I have two macs running PanX. Mac 1 does the heavy lifting, data entry, updating data, etc. Mac 2 only accesses the Data Base to retrieve information. Mac 2 is not accessing the main data base and reporting the current data info. What’s wrong? Shouldn’t both compeers be accessing the same file and reporting the same data updates?

What makes you think the second Mac should (or could) access the SAME database? Are you e.g. using the macOS synchronized Desktop and Documents option? Or is your database file saved on Dropbox?

Thanks for the response. I am a complete novice to Panorama and thought having licensed two computers automatically allowed either one to access the same DB? I do not know how Dropbox operates either. All I want to accomplish is to have either one of my macs able to access a single data file with whatever limitations that process the software demands.

Any insights on how to structure that correctly are desperately needed. Would learning about Dropbox permit me to do that?

If you want full, simultaneous access to the same database on multiple computers, you will need Panorama X Server. Unfortunately, that won’t be available until a bit later this year.

If you don’t need simultaneous access, you might be able to get by with a file sharing system like Dropbox. But if you do use a system like that, you have to be very careful not to access the database simultaneously on more than one device, or you will lose data. You have to make sure to allow a delay time between closing the database on one computer and opening it on the next computer to make sure that Dropbox has time to synchronize the data. (Dropbox is not the only such solution, but it is probably the most popular.)

Thank you, I better understand.

Your license allows you to use the application Panorama X on two (or more) computers. This license has nothing to do with your database files. The database files are (as long Panorama X Server is not available) locally saved documents. You can use several ways to synchronize the folder containing your database files via normal macOS file sharing.

One option could be an application like SyncTwoFolders, that you can use to synchronize local folders on two Macs.