Searching Help Pages

Perhaps this is a dumb question, but is there a way to search a Help page for specific terms?

I know what you are talking about in that you can have the “Full Text Search” option checked and enter a term and all the pages that contain that term are listed. Go to one of the pages and then you have to read through the entire page to find where that term is in the text. Been there, done that…many times. There is a way to do this but not directly in the Help file.

With the Help file set to a page you would like to search, select ‘Open Topic from Browser’ from the Topic menu. This opens the page in your default browser where you enter command-F to get the find box to appear and you can enter your search term.

Thanks Gary. Not as dumb as I feared. I am going to add a feature suggestion to Bitbucket, but of course long after the server is up and running without problems.

This has long been on the todo-list in my head, but it is not trivial to do, so I haven’t done it. I’d also like to implement a table-of-contents within long pages, for easier navigation within the page. Anyway, it’s perfectly fine with me that this is now explicitly listed in Bitbucket.