Scroll bar trouble with view-as-list form

I have a simple form with a header and data tile, and it is set as view-as-list. It is also set to have both vertical and horizontal scroll bars OFF. When I switch to data mode, they are off (but see below) When I close and open the file, the vertical scroll bar reappears.

If I change it to individual pages, the bars stay off as expected.

One odd thing, when I change it to view-as-list mode, then switch to data mode, the vertical scroll BAR is still visible, but the slider inside it disappears, and scrolling has no effect. After closing and opening the file, the slider reappears, and the form will scroll vertically a centimeter or two.

In addition, it acts exactly the same even if I switch the vertical scroll bar ON. The slider disappears when I switch into data mode, the empty bar is still there, and the slider reappears after closing and opening the file.

I should mention that this file only has about 15 records, so they easily all fit within the window, and I don’t need it to scroll.

My guess is that view-as-list forms always have a vertical scroll bar, since they are by definition a list…

Yes, they always have a scroll bar if needed, just like the data sheet. So the vertical scroll bar option is ignored for a View-as-List form, that option only applies to individual page forms.