Saving Sets in PanX

Can we still save “Sets” in Pan X?

Not yet.

I am kicking myself because about six months ago I was driving to a family event and came up with a perfect scheme for implementing sets. Unfortunately, by the time I got home and could write it down – I had forgotten. I keep hoping it will come back, it probably will, eventually.

Of course you can implement a form of sets yourself by using an .Initialize procedure and several openfile statements.

Yep. I too have been there. I talked to someone while in a car about how something would work. We talked it through as to exactly how it could be and there was agreement all around. Yet later, what what it that we decided? I’m thinking perhaps next time, I’ll talk to Siri and see if I can get the gist of what I’m needing into some type of recorder.

Robert Ameeti

Ha, that happens to me every day, I come up with a genius solution or plan for something and then forget it. In any caae, Sets are a handy thing to have, I used them extensively to open groups of related records with just a click.

I guess I could use several open file statements as a button procedure. I’m just so bogged down in all the recoding necessary to make PanX work.