Saving or loading files on server

I am trying to write or load text files on the server computer from a web post that saves data to a database then from the database I want to write or load the file. I cant seem to get it to work and I know that Panorama X server is writing log files so Im sure it can be done.

Im trying to write the files in the following path.
Users/me/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Documents

Any guidance would be helpful.

The path that you have written is missing a slash. Try using

/Users/me/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Documents


Hi Dave,

I missed the “/” in the post, Im actually trying the full path as you describe.

filesave "/Users/me/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Documents/hmtest.txt","Hello, this is a test."

still getting a cgi error and no file saved.

Is there a way to determine what user PanoramaX Server was installed in? Maybe its a permission problem?

You can use the info(“applicationsupportfolder”) function to reference the application support folder of the current user.

filesave info("applicationsupportfolder")+"PanoramaX/Server/Documents/hmtest.txt","hello"

What is the error? Are you sure the filesave is even running? Maybe the error happened before the code got to the filesave. This is the kind of problem where the new debug instrumentation feature is invaluable.

Thank you Jim, everything works as expected.