SaveAllProcedures does not build a dictionary

I’m reluctant to post this as a BitBucket issue - it may be just another manifestation of my Alzheimic iMac. The Help file says:

“The saveallprocedures statement saves all the procedures in the specified database into a dictionary.” But this code:

local myProcedureDict
SaveAllProcedures "",myProcedureDict
message myProcedureDict

produces a message like this:

which is clearly not dictionary content.

I think that you want to have the results of dumpdictionary in the message. The dictionary itself will be a binary object, which may be nonsensical human terms.

That’s my point - the output is not a dictionary. if you use dumpdictionary( instead of message, you get an error message saying that the dumpdictionary( function parameter must be a valid dictionary.

I am getting the same behavior.

This is a bug. If you look at the saveallprocedures code (which you can do), it is trying to make a Panorama 6 dictionary. That would be ok, but it is making it as text, not as binary. I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug.