Save previous "Fill with Formula" formulas?

Is there a built-in way to recall formulas used in the “Fill with Formula” dialog?

I’m porting a lot of data from many sources into Panorama X, and use formulas, many with regexes. Since these are formulas, the regexes are not dead simple, I have several I re-use, and while I learn Panorama X I have to fiddle with each one to get it to do what I want, I’d like Panorama X to retain a list of most-recently-used-formulas-in-Fill-with-Formula from which I could select in order to re-use.


If you think you want to resuse them, I would suggest creating your formulas in procedures, rather than using the dialog. In other words, instead of opening the Fill with Formula dialog, just use View>New Procedure and type in a one line procedure like this:

formulafill x+y/z

You can then go back and use this procedure whenever you want, and it is easy to edit also.

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Beyond the suggestion of using a Procedure, I’d also suggest perhaps having a RegEx Procedure that was a ‘collection’ of templates that you use. You could document each purpose, and comment out as needed such that you could just un-comment what you need to use when you need to use it.

; PurposeA: RegEx A Y divided by Z plus X
; FormulaFill x+y/z

; PurposeB: A divided by B plus C
; FormulaFill a/b+C
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About to implement.

Thank you Robert!