Sample Data Files for Tutorial?

I’ve started through the tutorial but got stuck on lesson 104: where would I find the text file with the sample data (“200 Sample People”)? And it looks like there’s another sample file that will be needed later on (“515 Sample Checks”). I’m running version 10.1.2 of PanoramaX.

The needed sample data is built in to the Import Text wizard The tutorial help page you mention shows an animation of how to import this from the Import Data menu, which has a Sample Data submenu. Here’s a copy of that animation.

My File > Import does not have a “Text Import Option”, only “Import Text File into Current Database” and “Import Panorama Database into Current Database”. See attached screenshot.

The odd thing is that I remember being able to get through this part of the tutorial when I was using it last January.

Select “Import Text File into Current Database” from the Import menu and the Text Import wizard opens where you can then choose from the “Import Data” menu as shown in the latter part of Jim’s video above. I think the difference might be that Jim was working from his developer copy that might have a different menu than ours.

Fairly late in the development of Panorama X the Text Import Wizard menu option was renamed to Import Text File into Current Database. We found that some users didn’t understand what a Text Import Wizard was (and why would they?), so it was changed to more understandable terminology. Unfortunately, the text and animation on this help page did not get updated when that happened. I have made a note to update the help page text.

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Thank you gary; that was it. I was hung up on looking for the word “wizard” and didn’t recognize it when it appeared. I’d also missed the appearance of “Import Data” in PanoramaX’s menu once I’d selected “Import Text File…”.