Running Pan 6 on a new MacBook Pro

I’ve been a long time Panorama user, in fact since the days on my 512K Mac! My 8 yr old MacBook Pro is being retired and I’ve ordered a new one which I should have in a couple of weeks. The Apple store will transfer from old to new.

Anyway, I’ll be finally biting the bullet and porting to Panorama X. However, in that transition period I need to be able to rely on running Panorama 6 and all my databases during the transition. My question is what do I need to do to transfer Panorama 6 to the new MacBook which I assume will be running Mohave? I remember reading the method to install Pan 6 but can’t find that posting.

When the Apple store copies all my files to the new Mac will Pan 6 simply go along for the ride and still work?


You can find all the pertinent information on the ProVUE web site here:

Thanks Gary I saw that which will of course be helpful if I wanted to install Pan 6 anew. My question is whether or not there will be a problem when the Apple store copies everythng from my old Mac to my new. I assume Pan 6 will happily copy over but will there be any issues running it, other than possibly reentering my serial number. And does anyone know if there is a problem running 6 on Mohave which I assume will be on the new iBook,

I recently put a new drive in my MacBook Air with Mojaveand tried to install Panorama 6 without success. I used all the hints in the FAQ, even trying to install as Root and it would not install. I finally just dragged it over from another install (or Time Machine, I forget which) and it worked.

SO I assume transfering from the old MacBook to the new would work without problems then?

Migration Assistant works very well.

Thanks guys. Soon will come the adventure of modifying all me databases and forms to Pan X.

You may have to deactivate panorama on your old machine then reactivate it on the new one once it’s up and running. Note that Panorama Classic will not work on an upcoming version of the OS, Catalina, since it will not support 32 bit apps.