Running 10.2.0.b15 using Terminal for debugging


I have become addictive to running Pan10.2 using Terminal, this is a marvelous help for debugging!

Away from home, I have installed Pan10.2.0.b15 (3656) on a MacBookAir running MacOS 10.15.7. (I have problems with b18 but this is another story!).

All OK with b15, however when I try to install the debugging tool to use Terminal (from Install when in PanX Preferences) I get the error message:

FileSave error: The file “Run Panorama X Using Terminal” doesn’t exist.

Clearly I can still file the log in BBEdit, but this is less convenient.

What should I try?



Looks like this problem has been addressed in Bitbucket:

The resolution states:

“The Install>Install “Run Panorama X Using Terminal” command in the Preferences window now creates an Application folder in the user’s folder if it doesn’t already exist (instead of failing).”

You might try to create this folder yourself if it does not exist and try again.


yes, I had to create first this folder Applications in my user folder, then it works!