Right-click insert menus missing

Right-clicking in a Procedure gives us the expected Insert menus for Field, Forms, and Procedures. But when I right-click in the Formula Workshop, or in any of the Graphics Mode Panes, where I need to insert those things, I do not get those Insert menus.
OS 10.11.6

This is a Panorama X limitation on that feature. You can use a Hot Key to ‘kind of’ work around this.

definehotkeys "Global", "COMMAND-SHIFT-F", |||
popupatmouse info("fields"), "", clipboard

After running this, command-shift-F (or what ever keys you assign) will popup a list of field names so you can choose one and it will be copied to the clipboard for pasting. Not very elegant but it might be helpful for the time being.

That context menu is only available in the main procedure window. I won’t say that it will never be extended to other places where code or formulas might be edited, but that is not something that is on any near term road map.

Another possible workaround would be to open a extra Procedure window and compose your procedure there with access to all its tools. Then copy and paste it wherever when you’re ready.

I should have mentioned that, I do that fairly often. Also, for code in property panels (form objects, automatic field code, etc.) if the code is long I will usually put it in a named procedure, and just put a call statement in the panel. This makes the code easier to edit, and for form objects, it allows me to edit the code without having to go into graphics mode and select the object and the code pane.