Report Tiles Problems

Hello Everybody,

I believe there is a problem in Pan X with report tiles. Tiles are not straightforward, even in Pan 6. But this problem is different, and more serious.

Here is the issue. I have a form with the following tiles:
• 1st page Header
• Data
• Header
• Group Header (1)
• Group Header (2)
• Summary(1)
• Summary (2)
• Footer

The Data and Header tiles have vertical lines, so that the final printed table will have separator lines between column. The Group Header does not have any vertical lines - only formula text to identify which group will follow.

But the Group Header area of the actual printed form DOES have vertical lines through the formula text, as if a data tile was there. And the Footer tile does not print at all. The table goes right to very bottom of the printed page. By the way, I’m not actually printing at this point. I’m using “Open PDF in Preview”.

These particular tile problems do not occur in Pan 6.

One other related question. In Pan 6 the tile size could be shown in inches, but Pan X seems to default to pixels. Can this be changed to show dimensions in inches?

Is there a known issue with tiles in Pan X?


Not at this time.

I tried to duplicate this problem, and the Footer tile I created printed just fine at the bottom of each page. So there must be an additional factor that is causing a problem for you.

As you probably assumed, this makes no difference, the same code is used for printing and PDF preview.

I can’t visualize what you are trying to say here. At a minimum you should post a screen shot. You may need to send me a copy of the database.

Hello Jim,

I’m not sure I know how to post a screen shot. But I edited the file to shorten it greatly, and filled it in with dummy data. It still exhibits the print behavior I wrote about. May I send the file to you?

I don’t have your personal Email address. Do you have mine? How is the best way to send you the file? Please keep it simple.


On the off chance you don’t know how to take a screen shot, it’s command-shift-4. Then you drag your mouse to indicate the area of the screen you want to shoot. The image file will appear on the desktop.

To actually post it after you’ve taken it, just drag it into the area where you are typing your post. The forum software will take care of the details for you.

There is a support email address on the provue web site, you can send it there. Please compress the file into a .zip archive before sending. If possible, send the Panorama 6 file so I can see how it is supposed to work. Please include instructions for duplicating the problem – it’s very frustrating to receive a database with 20 forms and 100 procedures and have no idea what to do.

Alternately you can use control-command-shift-4 the same way but the screen shot will automatically be put on the clipboard and you then simply paste it into your post.

Hello Jim, Dave, and Gary,

(Boy, what would this forum do without you guys???)

OK. I modified the file, and shortened it to only 2 printed pages. Also replaced actual data with made up values. I deleted all procedures except 2. Click the second procedure (“Open Asset Summary”) to run the macro and open the printing form.

Below is an image of the start of the printed page. Note that the Group Header (which shows which account will follow), has vertical lines running through it. Those lines should only appear in the printed table as column separators. The tile for Group Header does not have vertical lines.

I will send the file itself in a short while as you indicated. Will all be able to see the file, or only you, Jim? Since there is no personal data left in the file, I do not mind sharing it more widely if necessary.

You will be sending it to a Provue email account, not to this forum.

Hello Jim,

With the new release of PanX, I am again picking up my conversions of Pan6 to PanX after putting it aside for many months. But the problem with Group Header tiles described in this entry still exists. My original query was back in Nov 2017.

Is this something you are still working on? Has the behavior of report tiles changed permanently between Pan6 and PanX?

I had sent you my edited version of the file in question, but I don’t have your response. If you sent one, I must have mis-filed it. Is there a way to have the report print as it does in Pan6, without the vertical lines running through the Group(2) Header tile?


@vicelly I’m sorry I dropped the ball on this. I received it not long before my mom and then my father-in-law went into the hospital.

There is a change in behavior of report tiles between Panorama 6 and Panorama X. You used to be able to have objects cross over multiple report tiles, but in Panorama X that doesn’t work. Instead, you must constrain objects to a single tile. Your form had vertical lines crossing over multiple tiles, I revised it so that each tile had it’s own separate vertical lines.

Here is the result, which I think is what you want.

This is a bit more work to create, sorry. But it is possible to create the report you want.

Yes, Jim. That works properly. Thanks.


Hello Jim,

A bit further on report tile problems.

I see the SHIFT key does not work to restrict a line to vertical or horizontal, as in most Mac programs. But you added a property to the line object to achieve the same result. That’s good, but bringing back the SHIFT key option would be better.

A slightly bigger problem. I am having more than a little difficulty in getting my line objects to begin and end exactly within the tile drawing area. My eyes are not what they used to be. Is there some special way to force the objects to start and end only within the tile? It you don’t get it just right, even by a little bit, the report has unsightly gaps or overlaps. Doesn’t give the report a professional look.

The best solution would be to have PanX tiles work like Pan6 tiles. That is, that ONLY the drawing area of a tile is printed, and everything outside is ignored. Does that represent an impossible task? If it is impossible, is there a way to zoom in on the tile graphic so the line object can be placed more easily?


In graphics mode there is a Zoom In and a Zoom Out icon in the top tool bar. You can zoom in at multiple levels using these to get very precise control of object placements.


It’s not impossible, but substantial. I agree that it would be better if it worked like Panorama 6 did, but I can’t promise when that might happen.

Hello Everybody,

I am having another report tile problem, different from the above. My database has 4 groupings, and my report has Group Headers 1-4. But none of them are printing. I tried putting text only in each tile, to see where they are. But none appear in the final print (I am printing to PDF).

Is this a known issue?


My gosh, in trying something else, I just realized what the matter was.

In PanX, unlike Pan6, you must have RAW data selected for the group header tiles to work. If you have collapsed data records, the group tiles work differently from Pan6, and no longer recognize what their underlying groups are.

Jim, is this a feature, or a bug?


Just want to add my request for this graphic functionality (displaying graphics and text items that extend off of a data tile). For a display-as-list, having to squeeze everything down to fit within a short tile is difficult, and it’s difficult to work with layers, like color boxes underneath a text display, and divider lines. When they could hang off the tile it was MUCH easier to click on either the box or the text item. But Pan X is still a TREMENDOUS accomplishment Jim, thanks for getting it out!!