Report Tile - Graphics not showing in print

Is anyone else having trouble getting graphics to print on report tiles? I’m having trouble with both JPGs and PNGs in Image Display objects not showing on the printed page.

I’ve attached how it looks in the Graphic editor (private material blocked out by grey boxes), the print dialog (which matches what actually gets printed), and my Image Display settings.

This particular graphic (top left logo) is in a header, but I’m having the same problem with the data tile. This is a JPG; the same image in a PNG has the same issue.

Thanks for any help.


If you are using Mojave, this is a known bug that hasn’t been tracked down yet. It works in earlier versions of macOS.

That’s it. Didn’t have this problem prior to Mojave.

Just wondering if there has been any progress on this particular bug. It’s affecting many of the forms I use.

I realize that the server is priority #1 at this point, but I can’t imagine that this isn’t a problem for others.

It hasn’t been fixed yet, but even if it had I wouldn’t be able to make the fix available to you. There have been hundreds (thousands?) of changes made to Panorama X in the last six months, so significant testing will be needed before anything can be released. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this one fix packaged together with a bunch of new bugs! Especially bugs that might potentially cause data loss.

Also with an issue like this there will never be any kind of “progress”. It will be 100% a bug until the moment the mystery of the problem is solved. There won’t be any intermediate points where it is 25% solved or 50% solved.

I just printed some letters with an image on a data tile, and it printed out fine. It is a Static Image Object, which I believe I just pasted onto the tile directly. It may not be as nice as it could be, but it does the job.

Are you running on 10.14 Mojave?

Yes, I am. 10.14.5. It has always worked for me. (Not that there are not other things that do not work.)

Ok, thanks. That’s good to know, and kind of surprising I think. Perhaps that will be a useful clue.

@jcrunch, could you try placing your logo as a static image object and report the results?

Okay, thanks to everyone’s input (yeah, Bruce!), I have some good results.

Static Image Objects print fine – as long as there isn’t any text directly to the left of them.

All of the SIOs that I tried to print on the left side of the page with nothing between them and the left edge printed fine. SIOs that I placed to the right of any text would not print.

All of which is an okay work-around for me for now. A little juggling of my designs can take this into account.

So that sounds like there is some problem with wrapping text around images. I would suspect that is a bug in Apple’s implementation.