Remove summaries as part of procedure?

Is there a way to include “remove summaries” (that is command + K) in a procedure? It doesn’t seem to work when I record it in a procedure. Thanks

I think the procedure statements I think you are looking for are

removesummaries LEVEL



@billashw’s answer is correct.

I just tried recording this, and it does record.

I think the confusion may be that there is no shortcut for this operation in Panorama X. Command + K is not a shortcut for this in Panorama X.

CMD-K does work. if you do a total, count, or similar and key in CMD-K while the summary record is still highlighted, it won’t do anything. But click anywhere else in the data sheet and CMD-K removes all summaries.

Aha, you’re correct. I didn’t notice it in the Field>Analyze submenu. And it does work while the summary record is highlighted.

So now I am really puzzled as to why @edifiednow said it didn’t record properly – I just tried it and Command-K does record just fine.

I got CMD+K to work now. Sometimes is seems I must enter it 2 or 3 times to get it to work.

I encountered the same problem but I discovered that, if you click once on the sheet beforehand, a CMD-K works perfectly.