Relations Tab doesn't see open database

I’m trying to relate NewDB with OldDB to pull over account info from OldDB into NewDB. I’ve made OldDB auxiliary to NewDB and they both open as expected.

I’ve had various errors come up in the Relations tab under the DataBase Options - I’m using a formula for keys: Type + «Chk No.» + datepattern(«Tr/Delv Dt»,“MM/DD/YY”) + «Paid to/from» + «Memo/item» + AccountCode

initially it would see «Tr/Delv Dt» in the right panel, but after pasting it in a few times the fields in both panels had matching keys.

But now, after a few dances with error messages, the Relation panel no longer recognizes that OldDB is open.I can’t add it with the + because it just doesn’t see it at all Both NewDB and OldDB are in the same folder and OldDB IS open because it opens as an auxiliary to NewDB - which usually works but not always when I double click in NewDB.

At one point I did have them both open and had a successful Test Keys.

But now I Kent get there from here because that Relations tab in DatabaseOptions in NewDB is not seeing OldDB. I’ve closed the files, I’ve quite and relaunched PanX - Nada, it just doesn’t see a the OldDB as open.

If open any other PanX data base, the + option sees it. So PanX sees OldDB - will open it with a double click, and the Auxiliary feature opens it when I open NewDB but the relations tab refuses to see it.

What next?

The database won’t show up in the + list if you have already set up a relation for it. Are you sure it isn’t already on the list?

Ah - I had to look carefully at the “with data from” field. Somehow a second file - not in the same folder as NewDB and OldDB, got switched in and the relations window was looking at it (which was not open) instead of OldDB.

So maybe it would be good if that dialog remembered the last setting you were looking at instead of switching the database in the “with data from field”.

Wow! just WOW! - finally got to Relational Databases Part 3, 6m 21 sec.
81,800 records updated in mere seconds - SECONDS!

I won’t be able to go to sleep tonight - visions of databases dancing in my head.