Related fields of same and differing names

I have run into a problem with a couple of files, Addresses and Income, which should be related. My key fields are «Bill to» in Addresses and «Name» in Income. I have tried to set up «Name» to use Clairvoyance with «Bill to», and it does not work. I think if it works anywhere, it should be between the key fields.

On the other hand, I have fields named «Comments» in both databases. These are not the same: in Addresses, it is permanent information, while in Income, it is information that deals specifically with the particular day that I performed a service. Somehow, the information in Addresses has moved to Income, and no longer shows in Addresses, and the information in Income has disappeared. I have done nothing to link those two fields.

I am stumped. Does anyone know what is happening?

Perhaps if you posted a screenshot of the Relation dialog, or the blueprint source of the relation, we might be able to provide assistance. You can get the blueprint by clicking on the briefcase icon in the upper left of the dialog.

I will try to do that after the holidays, along with rescuing some data.